Shane Rossall athlete

Invictus Games Team UK Athlete. (2021)

I came across The Muscle Movement whilst browsing Instagram and liked the look of the gym wear and once I contacted the team things started to role on from there. 

 It’s a great privilege to be part of this team. Great product and great people and I will do what ever I can help.

A little bit about me;

A former British Army sergeant I was officially medically discharged earlier this year due to injury caused in service 6 years ago, I “hit an all-time low” “Sports is all I have ever known and being told I couldn’t play or do the things I loved since a young child really hit me hard and I suffered mentally and physically. I went from a robust soldier to a broken man. I could no longer compete in anything and this was out of my control.”

A soldier for 20 years, i am determined to regain the self-belief and focus i once had. “Since being part of the Invictus trials and training camps, I have been given a new lease of life. My family noticed I had hit an all-time low but since being involved with Invictus they tell me frequently how much I have changed and I am now myself again. Being a husband and soon to be father I want to make my family proud again. Being able to represent my country means everything but I also want to represent my family because without them I wouldn’t be here now.”

“The Invictus journey has driven me to push myself through any obstacles and any barriers. I am now fully committed, not just to my own journey, but to the fellow team members. My main goal is to feel as though I am able to compete again at a high level and as every other competitor wants to do, to represent my country again.”

Shane Rossall athlete

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