Omar Akch

‘Sore today or Sorry tomorrow ?’ Hi, my name is Omar and I am 20 years old. A Personal training and law student. Growing up I was not interested in fitness and was always known as the  ‘fat kid’. One day I had to visit the doctor due to health complications imposed by having a sedentary life style and the negative impact it was having on my body. Hence, I decided to hire a personal trainer because I had to. 2 weeks in, and I became addicted to the concept of fitness. Now 4 years into consistent training and I could say this is the best decision I have made. 


Hence, I have decided to pursue a personal training career specializing in body composition transformations  and strength growth. I am very keen into helping people start their fitness journey, knowing that this is one of the best decisions one can make. 

 Instagram: @Omarakch

Omar Akch Fitness

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