Chloe Holland

Hello my names Chloe, I'm a mobile hairdresser. I've been on my fitness journey since I had my last child. It keeps me energised and happy when I'm around them and they sometimes join in. As I've suffered health issues in the past, gym/ home workouts have kept me going. As this has helped me out a lot, I'd like to help others in the future. On hot days I love going out on my paddle board as its very quiet and peaceful and all that's their is your mind with a gorgeous view. 

I'd like to say I like to stay positive in life which I control by exercise. I've always been into fitness as long as I can remember, it's amazing for mental health just as much as staying fit. When you don't see me exercising I'm being a mother. The most amazing things in life I've accomplished. Fitness also helps me be a better mum for my kids which I always try to get out there to help other mums. I love meeting up with my family (which never stops growing), also my friends. I like to stay busy whether it be going for a walk to eating out 👌😄 my focus in life is not just being the beat mum but to stay happy and make those around me happy to 💋

Chloe Holland Fitness Chloe Holland Fitness

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