Charlene Williams

You have to let it all go... fear, doubt and disbelief.. free your mind.

                                                                                       -The Matrix


I always look to that quote to spur me on. I am always striving to do more then I ever thought possible. I want to achieve, set goals, have aspirations and fulfil them.  Hi I’m Charlene and I am currently on a weight loss journey; I am approaching the three stone loss mark. Its taken perseverance, hard work and a lot of trial and error; these are the staples of my journey.

 The journey to improve is an ongoing one, whether it be education, work or your personal life. my greatest achievements have come about when I let go of the fear doubt and disbelief. Over the years i have volunteered, worked as a carer and taken up hobbies all of these have shaped me into the person i am today. My main interests are, photography, graphic design,  reading and creating collages. My main passion is learning about the media. I studied media communication and production alongside film which taught me further about others. Looking to progress further and fulfil my hopes and dreams.

Charlene williams



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