Callum Riley

I always liked the look of the muscle movement brand when I first seen it at bodypower in 2016, the quality of product and style got me Lured in. Lewis is very helpful and supportive towards myself as an athlete and has providing a supply of products nobody else ever has.

I want to stick with the brand and watch it expand globally as I do, I see potential and it to go further. As we all help to give ideas of new products he has taken that on board and used the ideas to the best potential.

I like to stick with those who stick with me and the muscle movement have done that massively so far, great help and great expansion so far. Respect. Here's to many more years!

I began training back in 2011 back in my hometown of Worksop, this stemmed from me being into sports & learning about how the body works growing up. Dave Titterton being my idol always gave me the idea & aspiration to want to compete.

I done my first competition in 2011 in the Junior Bodybuilding Class U16, winning my first ever show. In 2012 I decided to compete in Men's Physique as I felt it suited my physique more appropriately, therefore my first Open Men's Physique Competition I achieved second place, giving me the drive to want to compete & push my career even further, going on to winning my first Junior Men's Physique Competition. 

Growing up learning so much about the human body & my own body gave me the drive to want to help other people achieve the feeling of feeling good in your own body, which is why I am constructing a fitness diet + training website.


Open Yorkshire Classic u16's 1st 12'.
UKBFF Nationals u21's 2nd 13'.
UKBFF Cumbrian Classic men's physique 2nd 13'.
NABBA Central Britain 2nd 14'.
NAC Open British JNR 2nd 14'.
Open Scottish Mr class 2 2nd/ JNR u21 1st 14'.
English Lakes Classic u18/u21 1st 14'/15'.
UKBFF Scottish Grand Prix JNR men's physique, 1st 15'.
Arnold Classic. UKBFF Nationals u21 2nd 14'.
UKBFF Cumbrian Classic JNR men's physique 1st 15'.
IBFA Silver City Classic JNR u21 1st 14'.




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