Bradley Perry-Orr

I'm commited to the brand because I believe a close relationship with your team is vital, and actual connection with team mates is very warming and produces better ambassadors.

I first when to a gym when I was 15, from the moment I lifted that weight I was hooked. I didn't really have a passion until this moment and from then on it has just grown and expanded into a second nature.
I went through private education and then on to grammar school, knowing exactly what I wanted when I left and that was the fitness industry.

I went on to college after to complete my fitness instructor qualification, since this I have always wanted to be in or around a gym but then I saw the bigger picture. And that was wanting to join the armed forces as a PTI.

This is exactly what I done I put my mind to it and after 3 years I got in, you don't know what fitness is until you go through the training in the forces. In recently was discharged in February from the forces medically, although this was a big hit and the issue in now resolved, I tried to push my self into something new and that was competing in pure elite and pushing my body.
The thing is if I stand still for one second I feel as if I am going to explode, I always need to be moving forward no matter in what direction. I will now be competing in October in the world championships in muscle model and tattooed muscle. I feel privileged to have THE MUSCLE MOVEMENT behind me every step of the way, supporting me not only in gym apparel but also in confidence and making me stand out as part of a great brand.



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