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Why become an ambassador?

Here at The Muscle Movement we take great pride in surrounding ourselves with a team of ambassadors who not only care for the brand but want to grow with it.

We work very closely with our team of ambassadors, sharing ideas for the ambassadors to grow their personal profile and for us as a brand to grow. The ambassadors have a huge influence in the direction the brand grows in so we are extremely fussy when it comes to adding to the team.

Ambassador benefits;

- 40% discount on entire website

- Own personal discount code to push and earn commission on.

- Be featured on social media and website.

- You will have your own personal page on the website where you can promote yourself and your journey.

- Top performing ambassadors are rewarded each month with a range of gifts and freebies.

- Invites to photo shoots and exhibitions.

- NO CONTRACT so all ambassadors are free to move on if they find something better suited to them.

We want to grow the brand for the fitness community and what better way to do that than build a fitness community/ family behind the brand.

If you are looking to grow with a brand then why not send us an email and we look forward to being in touch.

How do I get sponsored?

To get sponsored in the fitness industry you need to be able to identify what makes you different. Getting sponsored is not an easy task. First off you need to believe in the brand you are approaching. It is no good approaching brands asking for sponsorship just for freebies, as they will see straight through your application.

Secondly you need to be able to market yourself, you need to be an asset to a company. Be that by making them sales, getting traffic to their website or even just a large following so people will see you in a particular product.

Finally you need to be prepared to put in some ground work. Just because you train 5 times a week and have a Instagram account with 8k followers does not mean brands will come running to you. You need to show brands that you want to be part of their team and vision. Be that through blog posts for the company, Youtube videos or even just spreading the word around your circle.

Do we sponsor?

The answer to that question is yes, we do not often offer full sponsorship as we feel it takes time to know the athlete. We prefer to let athletes join our team through ambassador roles to see how they are as an athlete and if we feel that we as a brand are suitable for them.

We welcome all applications for sponsorship as ambassador roles and get back to every single person. Go through the points that we have listed above and create your profile within the industry. We look forward to hearing from you all.

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