About Us

The Muscle Movement started back in 2014 as a personal training company. We decided to get a few t-shirts made up as a way for our clients to wear whilst training. On design we started looking into different materials and shapes which would accentuate physiques in these t-shirts and be the best possible design to train in. 

Overtime we started committing our efforts more towards introducing revolutionary clothing designs. Eventually we decided to put an end to the personal training and online coaching side to The Muscle Movement and become a fitness wear brand with the mission in mind to bring fashionable clothing ranges to the industry that does not affect performance in anyway using the latest fabric technologies, cuts and stitching patterns.

From our time training and coaching a variety of clients, we want The Muscle Movement to be a brand suitable for everyone from the first time trainer to someone on a weight loss mission. 

We try to spend as much time as we can getting to know our customers, we do this from going to shows and exhibitions, taking the time to respond to every inquiry we receive and also ask what you as customers want to see the brand produce next.

 We are an Essex based brand in the UK. Our aim is to be as transparent as possible as a brand/ community to strengthen our relationship with you our customers.

If you have any feedback or anything to say about us as a brand and our products we would love to hear from you! You can also leave product reviews for future customers to see.

- Lewis Percival
CEO The Muscle Movement



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