1. Donkey Kicks
    Donkey kicks target your gluteus maximus, the biggest of the three glute muscles. They also help work the core and shoulders at the same time, by using them for stability throughout the movement
  1. Glute Bridge
    The glute bridge targets your whole gluteus maximums and your hamstrings. At the same time, it helps target abdominal muscles, as well as the lower back and hips.
  1. Lunges
    Lunges also use the whole gluteus maximums along with the quadriceps hamstrings and calves. Lunges are a great full leg workout. You should also be engaging your abdominals to stay balanced and keep your hips straight

  2. Squat Jump
    Squat jumps are explosive and therefore really engage your glutes. Pushing through your heels really helps to target the glute area. Squat jumps also target the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

  1. Single Leg Deadlift
    Single leg deadlifts work all your leg muscles as well as balance at the same time. The exercise focuses predominantly on your gluteus maximus and hamstrings to pull yourself back to standing. At the same time, they use your quadriceps and abdominals to stay balanced. They also help to strengthen the ankle as you have to work on keeping the foot flat and stable.


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