Take Your Fitness Outside

Take Your Fitness Outside

When the dazzling summer sun appears on the horizon, it lures people out of their homes, as well as their gyms and other closed areas. And if you want to come into fitness, you do not have to engage in collective sweat sessions, pay membership, and lock yourself in. There are a plenty of opportunities to get moving and active. So, it seems to be high time to migrate outdoors. Witness the fitness and the splendor of the outdoors in one stroke.

Open doors

Outdoor exercise is a great way to trim your weight, sculpt your body, and feel amazing. It all comes down to conditions that make or break our fitness routines: temperature, sound, scenery, scents, light, etc. Outside, sensory stimulations work their magic while you are free to focus on the flow of movement and recruit your muscle fibers.

Furthermore, there are some amazing benefits one can reap from fresh air and sunlight. Those who are ready to rise and shine can do some morning exercise and greet the night with a big yawn. Namely, the light during the day resets our circadian rhythms, making it easier to first recharge your batteries for the day and then drift away to dreamland in the evening.

Nature’s embrace

The backdrop impacts both our mood and fitness performance. Did you know, for example, that cyclists ride 10% easier when surrounded by greenery? Nature has a calming effect, increasing our confidence and happiness. Scientists argue that after only 20 minutes outside, our body and mind start to wake up. On top of it all, you can steer away from gym environments that can be infested with germs and bacteria.

Namely, air quality outdoors is around five times better than indoors. Thus, it is advisable for everyone, even newcomers to the world of fitness, to squeeze in some workout time outdoors. Running on a treadmill is a far cry from the real thing in terms of stimuli that get sent to our brain. Besides, one study has shown that people are 23% more likely to repeat an outdoor than an indoor exercise.

Walk the talk

Of course, outdoor exercise is not exactly a walk in the park. First of all, it is of utmost importance to figure out the best place to perform it. In urban jungles, people do not have easy access to woods, running trails, and bodies of water. Green space is limited and besides, even if you manage to find your way to the outdoor fitness arena, the question is how safe it is.

The next step is to determine the type of workout you want to take on. City dwellers often go for a single-site workout. You grab the equipment you need and get ready to kill it in one spot. The traveling workout can be a good idea too as it encompasses more movement and bigger territory. Finally, we have the destination workout, which involves three stages: running to the place, performing bodyweight exercise there, and jogging back.

Seize the fitness high ground

The list does not end here and possibilities abound. There is a wide array of exciting, beneficial, unexpected and health-boosting activities to take on. You can jog in the park and achieve a peace of mind while shedding kilos. In case you prefer to be on two wheels, there are many advantages to cycling. Even four wheels can come into play if you visit a skate shop and get the show on the road.

Those who are blessed with water nearby should feel free to do swimming, kayaking, or stand-up paddleboarding. At last, bear in mind that uneven surfaces offer some unique benefits. I am talking about hiking and exploring hills, rocky terrains, and other byways of nature. Whatever floats your boat, go for it, really. Do not miss your chance to breathe the fresh air into the old routine and melt away all the tension, anxiety, and stress.

A breath of fresh air

There is something irresistibly serene and utterly profound in the great outdoors. Mental and physical autopilot may keep you on the course to your fitness goals, but how about something new and more invigorating? With the weather on your side, there is not much that could go wrong. Get out, tune into your environment, and enjoy the fresh-air workout at its finest. Let the gentle breeze snuggle you up and embrace the world as your playground.

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