So i am going to speak to you all about supplements for training and why we take them and their benefits as well as cons. 


My first questions is WHY? 


WHY do we take supplements? 

well there is many reasons why we take supplements either to help grow and build muscles or even to have as a meal or aid recovery or even help push our training further! 

It all comes down to what your aim and goal is and what advice you have taken from a professional, key word professional because if you don’t know then why are you taking them? 


Some people like to take everything and some don’t like to take any. I am the one who limits supplements as much as possible, my choice because its a matter of opinion etc. 


on the other hand you sometimes need to take them because your daily lifestyle and busy schedules, plus trying to fit the training in and rest it can be very difficult to manage so much and eat all the things your suppose to!! 


Anyway here is a breakdown of some supplements that we require to help us achieve our fitness goals:


Whey Protein:

First of all whey is a by product of cheese, and whey protein has all 9 essential amino acids in it. it is used to help protein synthesis after weight training. 

There are many types of protein such as: 

whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. 

The difference between the 2 is whey protein concentrate has hardly any carbohydrates in. and with isolate it has had all the fat and lactose removed and is 90% protein. 

And its very beneficial in aiding weight loss as well as muscle-growth! (not at the same time though).


BCAAs (branch chain amino acids):

Are used to help trigger protein synthesis and inhibit the break down of muscle cells.

They have been found to reduce muscle soreness after intense training and improve training motivation when fatigued. 

There are 9 essential amino acids, 3 of which the body is unable to make them out of the other Aminos, meaning they must be ingested through food and supplements. 


Now there are many more supplements you can take to help you when it comes to training, but i do not agree with takings a millions sups when you can just have a balanced diet plan and do things naturally. 

The reason i have spoke about these 2 supplements is because i think its all you need to assist you in training and post workout. Others will disagree and give you a long shopping list! 


Each to their own! Again thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned for the next one coming soon…


- Jade Rolfe
Pure Elite Pro 

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