So you may be asking me what are MACROS….well there are 3 macronutrients that we base our eating around….and these are your Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats….

So simple right….. yes for me it is because i base my whole life around these 3 macros due to my training preferences. For e.g. if i am off season training to gain muscle mass my ratio will change with the 3 macros. 


For bodybuilding it should be:  

  • 40-60% carbohydrates 
  • 25-35% protein 
  • 15-25% fat.

For Maintenance it should be: 

  • 30-50% carbohydrates 
  • 25-35% protein 
  • 25-35% fat.

For fat loss it should be: 

  • 10-30% carbohydrates 
  • 40-50% protein 
  • 30-40% fat. 


Now reading this you may be thinking ooooh so i can eat any carbohydrate or fats……NO you can not! Because its effects the body in a different way, if you eat trans fats and simple carbohydrates then you will have a hard time losing weight and if you want to build muscle then you going to pack on a lot of fat on top of that! So lets keep it clean in the kitchen and I’m not just talking about the surfaces or dishes….

First of all you need to work out your BMR which is the amount of calories you need if you was in a coma…(doing nothing). Then you need to see how many times you can train per week and if you have an active lifestyle…this will suggest how many calories you should be on. 

Lets say your BMR was 1500 calories, now for fat loss you will need to be in a calorie deficit! Meaning you should burn more then you eat. e.g you would burn more then 1500 calories if you was to eat that many. 


If you want to build muscle then you should start at about 1700 calories and increase 1-200 calories per 2-4 weeks. This is a rough guide to follow and can be broken down even more but of corse you will need a professional to help you with that or research it yourself. But in my opinion not everything on the internet applies to everyone because you my friend are unique and you have all kinds of different genetics, hormones and so on happening. (another topic to discuss). 

Another thing that will help you break down your macros and so you can see how many grams you should consume of each depending on your calorie intake is apps…..yes there are calorie counting apps to help guide you so you can see what macros you are eating etc. I like to use My Fitness Pal, because if you are like me and want to know everything about what you eat then this is one of the apps you can use. 


Moving on, now once you have figured out the number of macros you want to take in and your goals you are 1 step closer to reaching you goal. YAAAAY :) 

A few things to remember though. Everyone is different so you have to listen to your body and understand it, because its easy researching information to help get you started but actually this may only help you in the beginning and then BAM another plataeu….and your stuck again. This is why i am offering my help with these blogs so you can understand yourself and know your body.


Right i believe this is something you can learn from and it will help you towards reaching that goal you want! 

Next time i will be taking you deeper into the world of nutrition and training and writing about GETTING TRAINING STARTED ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!! 

- Jade Rolfe
Pure Elite PRO