Hello readers.. so i hope you are enjoying my blogs and i will do my best to keep you all in the loop about the fitness world.

Today i will explain some different training techniques and what they are used for. 

Right we will start with the simple beginners workout for weight training, i always give them full body workouts if they will only train twice per week but if they train 3 or more i do a split. for e.g. 

  • day 1: upper body 
  • day 2: lower body 
  • day 3: cardio and core.

This makes it simple and teaches them how to split the muscle groups from upper to lower. In each program you will include all of the muscle groups like shoulders, back and biceps etc and for legs will be glutes, hamstrings and calves. 

This is for beginners who are starting out in the gym.  And this is just how i would split the days. 

Now lets get to the different types of training techniques there are. 

  • supersets
  • tri-sets
  • drop sets
  • pyramid
  • hypertrophy
  • rep range
  • giant sets


Supersets you can do in a few ways depending on your goals. compound supersets are when you use the same body part for e.g. leg press with leg extension. 

Another way is antagonist-agonist supersets are when you use opposing body parts like leg curl with leg extension. 

The theory behind this is you do more work in less time, the benefits are more metabolic stress, and increased energy expenditure. 



Three different exercise performed 1 after another without rest. 

for e.g. chest press, lunges and lateral pull down. Again more energy expenditure and more work in less time, so very beneficial if you only have 30-40 minutes to workout. 

8-10 repetitions per exercise and the weight should be 50-70% so you can finish the sets. 


Drop sets.

Working the muscle until failure and then reducing the weight before continuing. 

This is for time under tension and the build up of lactate, great for those seeking muscular development. 

for e.g. leg extension 10-15 reps on 40kg then drop to 20kg for another 10-15 reps. 



Pyramid training can be done to build size and strength, a bit like hypertrophy. 

for e.g. you can do leg press starting on light weight doing 12-15 reps and then as you increase the weight you will decrease the reps, you can do this as 3 sets or more. 

Another way of doing this is starting heavy and going light and same with your repetitions they will increase as the weight decreases. 



Is a method of strength training to build muscle strength. you can use a couple of methods to do so, either 10x3 max or 5x5 

either way will help you build strength and some muscle mass but only if you are following the right food plan. because you can’t grow without the fuel. 


Rep Range.

Rep Range can be used again for muscle mass or muscle definition depending on your goal and how you do it. depending on the reps you do, will depend on your muscle mass or strength so like hypertrophy you will go for less reps more sets and for muscle gains you can go for high reps lets sets. 

you can d a plan of 3 weeks for e.g. first week low reps more sets. then the second week increase the reps and decrease the sets and then the third week we can go for 12-15 reps and 3 sets. 

this will keep your body changing and progressing. 


Giant sets.

Giant sets are a great way to increase fat loss and maintain muscle mass. with little rest in between each exercise, each exercise you have to do between 8-12 reps at 80% effort. i like to do 4 exercises that target different muscle groups for e.g. upper body would be shoulder press, chest press, db rows and tricep extensions in the first circuit and then simply changing the exercises in the second circuit and adding bicep curls instead of a tricep exercise. 


I hope this helps you have a little more understanding on training methods. Now everyone has a different view on these training methods and honestly if you know how to do them properly then go ahead… 

This is my knowledge on these training methods and of corse i am still learning about different training techniques and methods myself and i have an open ind to learning different views and ways of working the muscles wether it be for growth or maintenance during a prep we all have our own views and opinions and knowledge of training. 


My next blog will be about TRANS and CIS fats. stay tuned for that :) 

Thanks for reading!


Jade Rolfe
Pure Elite Pro

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