It seems like everywhere you go, there's another food that's being put on a forbidden list when it comes to fitness progress. Is nothing sacred? It's a common misconception that fruit should be something to avoid when trying to make gains. While fruit has a bad rep for being a high carbohydrate food, the right fruits can be essential to your fitness goals. Not to mention, the micro nutrients in fruit are essential to the proper function of the body. We're here with a list of five of the best nutrient dense fruits for you to consume while working toward muscle gains.






Before we get to the good stuff, did you know that there are also optimal times to eat fruit as it relates to muscle gains? Eating fruit right after waking up is the best way to stop the bodies process of breaking down protein for glucose to fuel the brain during sleep. It's also a good idea to eat fruit about thirty minutes to an hour before working out. This is because the fructose in the fruit will replace the energy lost in the muscles during the work out which also has a hand in reducing muscle fatigue. Now that you know when to eat fruit, here is the list. For more information on tools to help you in your fitness journet, check out these Leather Weightlifting Belts New and Custom.









Berries are great because they're often low glycemic fruit choices, and they're super convenient to eat when you're living a busy lifestyle. Blueberries in particular are great at lowering inflammation in the body which is helpful if you're dealing with post workout muscle soreness.









While you might think of citrus fruits when trying to come up with the fruit with the highest levels of vitamin C, it's actually the kiwi! Vitamin C is necessary for synthesizing carnitine in the body which is what processes fatty acids in the body. It's a great fruit to consider adding into your diet on a regular basis.









While you might not consider avocado a fruit because it's usually a savory flavor, it is one! This healthy fat source is extremely flexible when it comes to recipes. Put it in a smoothie, spread it on toast, make guacamole, it's up to you. Avocado is an amazing source of energy and supplies fiber, vitamin K, and B5.









Oranges are readily available through the year, but that's not their only appeal when it comes to muscle gains. Oranges are packed with fiber, beta carotene, potassium, calcium, and vitamins A and C. It's also been show that the scent of the orange can have an uplifting and motivating effect which is perfect for a pre workout boost.









When you're eating pears with your fitness in mind, leave the skin on! Pear skin has extremely high levels of antioxidants and anti inflammatory phytonutrients. Even though pears contain a lot of fiber, it's the easily digestable kind which is optimal for gains.