As im sure many of you know Ramadan is a festive period in the Muslim religion where they fast from sunrise to sunset every day for a month.

However, fasting the body for this amount of time is difficult on the body and will send the body into a catabolic state.

Here are some tips which will help prevent muscle loss/ damage as much as possible during Ramadan.

You should try to consume your days worth of macros during the non fasting period. You want to ensure you are having a high protein source with every meal

- Your first meal after your fasting has ended should be a HI GI carbohydrate as this will release into your blood stream much quicker than LO GI carbs. I would suggest having something like cereal, muffins or any other HI GI carb. This will also spike your insulin levels.
- We would recommend having a whey protein shake with this meal as it will be digested by the body faster than a solid form of protein.
- If you are going to be training then ideally you want to be doing this after your 1st or 2nd meal. When training limit your cardio to LISS and not for a long duration of time. Also stick to moderate exercise. So avoid going to complete failure during your resistance working sets and you only want to maintain during the Ramadan period.
- Post workout, again you should opt for a HI GI carb to replenish the glycogen stores used during the workout.
- The remainder of your meals should be LO GI carbs with plenty of fibre, the aim is to try get the food to release into your body slower from now on. So plenty of veg. Examples of LO GI carbs are oats, sweet potato, white rice just to name a few.
- Your final meal before the fasting starts again, try to consume this as close to the fasting window as possible. In this meal you should include a slow release protein source, for example a casein shake or cottage cheese.
- Final point to make, is make sure you drink plenty of water during the period where you train and eat. Staying hydrated is the key to help avoid dizziness and feeling faint.

Any questions feel free to ask the team here at the muscle movement!

- Lewis Percival

The Muscle Movement Founder