In my opinion anyone can tell an overweight / untrained person to eat healthier & do some cardio - and funnily enough some weight does drop off? 
In my opinion this doesn't make you a great coach.
If you look after their long term health & change their body composition permanently over a year, getting them in top condition… Then Perhaps a different story? 

I've been really disappointed recently seeing some people online promising people the world and preaching information & experience they just can't back up at all?
Some Copying and pasting other people's content whilst coaching people for shows? While at the same time getting prepped by a coach themselves... How does that work if you are incapable of prepping yourself in the first instance? I’m talking about an unknowing on how to prep/progress yourself here / NOT athletes and well practiced Coaches seeking further developmental progression from another highly experienced Coach. 

Ask yourself this...
How do you assess a well trained person who takes supplements & eats healthy at 19% body fat - to then get them in the best shape of their life at 6% body fat & stage ready for a competition in 12 weeks time? 

How do you assess someone's responses to carbohydrate loading, water loading, sodium intake to peak them in the best possible condition before a show?

How do you re-programme someone's body to utilise energy more effectively to lead them to achieve a healthier long term change of lifestyle?

How do your make a well trained strong man - athlete even stronger, leaner & a more effective competitive athlete?

How do you progress a bodybuilder to be more muscular and ripped in next years show, compared to this years? 

How do you tailor for injuries/ food allergies/ medical conditions to give your client the best opportunity to progress?
IF your talking to the right Coach they will know these answers and will be able to progress you no matter what the circumstances providing your willing to put the effort in and follow their guidance. 
Be warned- there are thousands of inexperienced PT’s now, spouting that their knowledge is based on thousands of Instagram followers; or individuals that after participating in one competition, advertise themselves as prep coaches wanting your hard earned money.
Ask yourself? 
What have they actually done, what qualifications have they got and where are their clients results to give some weight to their knowledge of Coaching. 
Also don’t be fooled by people with great genetics and great physiques that think they can just give you the same plan as them and your going to achieve the same thing, I don’t take anything away from these guys physiques, but do they know how to get you results? That is the question. 
I’m the Head Coach of The Muscle Movement (TMM) & Team Benbo Bodybuilding Fitness (TBBF) and I can pull from experience of being a qualified NVQ 4 Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist for the past 11 years; I’m also currenlty in my fourth year of competing as a bodybuilder and have been a British Finalist for the past 2 years in a row with the UKBFF. I also have an array of clients from men and women who have completed total body transformations and who have also competed in shows for their desired categories. I use techniques that I have trialled and tested over the years and that I know work! I’m always researching sports science and new studies but I would never use my clients as guinea pigs for a new fitness study or to test a new supplement if I hadn’t trialled and tested it myself personally.     
I'm not saying by any stretch of the imagination I'm the best because I'm not, but I have learned a thing or two over time from some of the best in the industry and can pull from my own experiences - the best thing about the fitness industry is that there is always something new to learn & everyone works differently. 

Please Do your research and ask coaches what they've done, & for their client testimonies / before and after pictures. 

I’m all about Real people / Real Results.
Ben Rowe 

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